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Normandy Bed and Breakfast - Things To Do
Normandy is a beautiful rural part of France, dotted with small villages surrounded by lush open farmland and natural areas. The coastline to the north and west of Normandy has many miles of stunning beaches along with charming towns and villages. Driving through our region of Lower Normandy is a real pleasure with, wonderful scenery, open roads and very little traffic. There are some major towns which are busier and offer plenty of shops and restaurants. Within some of the villages locally there are some great places to eat that offer lovely meals at very reasonable prices.

Normandy is not the destination for those looking for nightclubs, late night bars, or beach activities. Normandy is perfect for those looking to take a restful holiday or a break from a busy lifestyle. Normandy offers wide open spaces, clear roads, beautiful scenery, good food, and many sites of interest. There are of course activities for the more adventurous such as horse riding, golf, canoeing and even bungee jumping (in season). We feel privileged to live in Montchamp, a lovely village, surrounded by such beautiful countryside, we hope you can find the time to join us and experience the joys and peacefulness of Normandy, France.

Many of our previous guests have reported that the roads in Normandy are perfect for cycling and we are happy for guests to store cycles in our garage for the duration of their stay. If you are a keen walker you will enjoy exploring the many different landscapes that Normandy offers.

For those that enjoy shopping there are many traditional French markets held at various locations throughout the week, or if you prefer there are plenty of shops in the larger towns such as Vire, St Lo, Bayeux, Granville and Caen, amongst others. Caen has a larger American-style shopping centre known as Mondeville 2, for those that are more serious about their shopping! For those that wish to take advantage of cheap prices for wines etc. we recommend a visit to the supermarkets at Vire less than fifteen minutes from us. Produce can often be purchased locally at prices less than duty-free. For further details and advice about shopping in France please see our information pages.

We are centrally located for all the major places of interest, the open roads and lack of traffic generally mean that you can travel fair distances in a reasonable time. Below is a map showing the location of some of the sites that we recommend our guests consider visiting whilst in Normandy along with an idea of how long it takes to reach them from our bed and breakfast accommodation at Montchamp. This is not a complete list of landmarks in Lower Normandy, just a selection. We will happily supply our guests with detailed computer generated maps and directions to practically any destination in Lower Normandy.
Normandy Sites Map
A This is the location of our B&B at Montchamp, deep in the heart of Calvados, Lower Normandy. We are situated at the very edge of our charming village with great views of the surrounding countryside.

Montchamp has strong links with Britain, formed during the liberation following D-Day. The French and British flags fly proudly alongside each other, mounted upon the town hall. A new monument was erected on the green of the village square to commemorate the liberation of Montchamp following D-Day and was attended by British veterans and serving soldiers from the Welsh & Coldstream Guards. Opposite the beautiful church is a moving monument to the sacrifices made by the French resistance during occupation and liberation.

Within the village of Montchamp is a bakery where fresh bread and cakes can be purchased and lunch can be had at the local bar. There is a small goat cheese manufacturer just outside the village where you can visit the goats and then buy the cheese! If you are interested in horticulture you may want to pay a visit to Le Jardin de Jumaju, just a mile from the village to examine the wide variety of flowers and shrubs that they grow and maintain.

Five minutes away at the village of St Charles De Percy is a wonderful and beautifully maintained British War cemetery. A lot of our guests that have visited this war cemetery comment that it is both a saddening and yet remarkably uplifting experience brought about by the calm and serenity that is so much part of this memorial.

Fifteen minutes away from the B&B is the the route of the Gorges De La Vire, a looping 35km scenic route following the river Vire with views across the valleys and hills along the way. If you fancy a spot of extreme sports try visiting the Viaduc De La Souleuvre and take in the great views or maybe try cart racing, bungee jumping is available but not compulsory! Further up along the D527 a place well worth a visit is the wonderful Zoo at Jurques, they have a feeding schedule that goes on throughout the day and some incredible animals including white lions.
B The town of Vire is about 15 minutes away. Vire is a larger town and offers plenty of restaurants and shops including a traditional French market which takes place every Friday, starting early morning and finishing around mid-day. There are plenty of supermarkets offering amongst other things, alcohol at prices often less than duty free.

A walk through the town of Vire and around the shops and restaurants is worthwhile, with maybe a stop off by the river to feed the ducks. There are a few historic sites dotted throughout the town and a beautiful church first constructed in the 13th century and restored in 1948 after war damage.

There are various activities in and around Vire including the water sport centre in town offering pools, toboggan, sauna, and Jacuzzi. Just outside Vire on Lac De Dathee are boating activities and overlooking the lake a challenging 18 hole golf course with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. If you fancy a flutter then a trip to the hippodrome for horse racing might be in order. The races are staged fairly regularly during the summer but there are other hippodromes in Lower Normandy that share the schedule.
C It takes less than 45 minutes to reach Caen, the capital of Lower Normandy. Caen centre is alive with shops, restaurants, and historic sites to visit. Parking in the town centre can be limited but there are park and ride tram services from the edge of town to the centre.

Popular landmarks include Le Mémorial de Caen (Caen Peace Memorial), the Abbaye aux Hommes and the Abbaye aux Dames which are benedictine abbeys for monks and nuns respectively that were built in the 11th century. The Castle of Caen built also in the 11th century by William the Conqueror is a huge fortress open to the public in the centre of the city and another very impressive building is the Caen Town Hall.

On the outskirt of the city is a large American style shopping centre, Mondeville 2 which is probably the largest centre of it's kind in Lower Normandy and is recommended as part of a day out shopping for gifts etc. There is plenty of free parking provided and it is easy to access from the Caen ring road. Electrical goods bought in France operate at 220-240V 50hz and are compatible with the UK. There is also a ten pin bowling centre at Mondeville.

Other landmarks of interest are the British and Canadian War Cemeteries which are located at various places around Caen, for full information please visit the web site of commonwealth war graves commission here www.cwgc.org. There are also several gardens and parks in Caen including 3 botanical gardens.
D The Mont St Michel is about an hour away from our B&B located just inside the border of Lower Normandy and Brittany. This incredible landmark is a "must visit" and it is home to the unusual Benedictine Abbey and steeple church built on a tidal island between the 11th and 16th centuries. You can visit the Mont free of charge without having to enter the abbey and still discover the original buildings on the grounds and take in the incredible views. Entrance fee to the abbey is reasonable and is stunning in both it's construction and the views it offers. There is a small charge for car parking, and it can become very busy during the summer season so sometimes there can be a queue to park. There are a few restaurants and gift shops on the island and a few more on the approach road.
E Avranches is a 45 minute drive and is on the route to Le Mont St Michel. We often advise guests to stop here on the way to Le Mont St Michel and have lunch in one of the many restaurants, some of which put tables out in the town square. There are a good selection of high street shops thrown in for good measure along with free parking. Just away from the car park is an area where a few picnic tables are provided should you wish to buy a loaf and cheese and prepare lunch yourself. Le Jardin De Plantes is also a popular place to picnic with views across the bay of Mont St Michel.
F Granville can be reached in less than one hour. This west coast town has restaurants overlooking the harbour and out to sea which offer a great value dining experience including wonderful fish dishes. Granville has a busy high street with lots of shops selling local produce and more. Along this piece of coastline there are some good beaches if you fancy spending a day with sand between your toes.

From the harbour there is a route up to the cliff top where there is evidence left behind of war defences and a wonderful view of the coastline. There is also an access road which takes you to the top of the town to appreciate the harbour and sea from a higher view point. Also here is an aquarium, l'Aquarium-Musée du Roc which presents marine life from all over the world and surprisingly a butterfly garden as well. Back down at the harbour we have found a couple of piers which you are free to investigate.

There is a regular passenger ferry service to Jersey (St Helier) which takes about 70 minutes with return fares ranging from around €38-43 depending on season. It is possible to travel on to Guernsey for extra cost. A ferry service is also available to the beautiful Chausey Islands which runs all year and takes about 50 minutes.
G It takes about 30 minutes to reach St Lo town centre. The river Vire flows through St Lo a city that was almost totally destroyed (95% by some estimates) during the Battle of Normandy following D-Day. There are some memorials around the town that serve as a reminder to the devastation. Today St. Lo is a thriving city that offers shops, restaurants, and a traditional French market on Saturday morning open until midday.

A landmark is the Ramparts, part of which is a tower the "Tour des Beaux Regards" that enjoys a wonderful panoramic view over the Vire and the surrounding area. Just off the town centre is an area known as The Dollée valley - A number of little streams thread their way through this lush little valley, feeding the waterwheel paddles of the Moulin au Cat.

There are several museums including: The museum of Fine Arts, The Normandy Bocage Museum which houses a collection of over 2300 farming tools and products of Norman craftsmanship displayed in four rooms, that retraces traditional life in the ‘bocage'. For those keen on horses, St Lo is the home to what is considered to be the top of 23 national stud farms that exist throughout France, and is seasonally open to the public for guided tours.
H It takes about 75 minutes to reach Agon-Coutainville, a west coast seaside town. Picture the scene: arrive at Agon Coutainville late afternoon and spend a couple of hours walking along what seems like miles of beautiful beach and promenade, and on return to the town enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants. Take a leisurely drive back along empty roads whilst listening to your favourite music and then enjoy a glass of wine or two before retiring to bed relaxed and satisfied. It's a great way to end a perfect day, we know because we have done it!
I Bayeux is about 45 minutes from Montchamp. The British War Cemetery at Bayeux is a very popular landmark, and is a fitting memorial to more than 4000 commonwealth soldiers that are remembered there. If you are interested in understanding the events of the Battle for Normandy in 1944 following D-Day, then a visit to Musee Memorial de la Bataille de Normandie very close to the war cemetery is recommended.

The river Aure passes through the pretty town centre where you will find a good assortment of shops and restaurants. Also in the town centre is the museum that houses the famous Bayeux Tapestry, which is open to the public. The tour of the museum includes a short film presentation that is shown in different languages so check with the museum when you first arrive to check the time for your chosen language, this will save you time waiting around once you are inside. Another landmark is the Cathedrale Notre Dame, a very impressive 11th/12th Century Gothic Cathedral.

The public gardens on the outskirts of town, the Jardin Public De Bayeux is a 2.6 hectare botanical garden and boasts among other features a 40m diameter weeping birch tree that was declared a listed natural monument in 1932. Admission is free.
J The Normandy landing beaches, Utah and Omaha are about one hour from our B&B. This incredible coastline is the home of many memorials to the soldiers of the D-Day assault that took place on the 6th June 1944. The American War Cemetery at Colleville-Sur-Mer pays a stunning tribute to the memory of the brave American soldiers who gave their lives during the conflict. Set in over 170 acres and overlooking the incredible scenic Omaha beach it is highly recommended that you visit here as part of your tour of Lower Normandy.

Other landmarks include Pont-Du-Hoc, the scene of a German battery that was bravely stormed by the men of the 2nd Rangers Battalion, scaling the cliffs to make their assault. The battery is left fairly much as it was more than sixty years ago and you are free to explore the bunkers and the surrounding area. The big guns that could fire a shell over 12 miles are to be seen and touched in the bunkers at the Batterie De Longues-Sur-Mer another popular destination. There are several museums located along the coast.

As part of your trip to the D-Day beaches, we recommend stopping for lunch at one of many restaurants in Port-En-Bessin, a beautiful coastal and harbour town, that is home to a fascinating road "swing" bridge that sits across the harbour entrance.
K We are located about one hour from the beaches that were stormed by British and Canadian troops on D-Day. The beaches of Gold, Juno and Sword are the sites for many memorials and museums that mark the assault by the allies known as Overlord.

Some of the museums to be found in this area include: "Centre Juno Beach" at Courseulles-Sur-Mer - the only Canadian museum on the landing beaches. The Musée America Gold beach at Ver-Sur-Mer. The unforgettable 360 degree cinema at Arromanches displaying footage of the D-Day landings in 1944 and Normandy as it is today. The Musée du Débarquement also at Arromanches is a testament to the skills and technology achieved by the British in setting up an artificial harbour.
L Deauville can be reached in about 90 minutes. If you fancy a day at a busy seaside town that is reminiscent of popular seaside resorts in the UK, then Deauville is the place for you. The beach can become very busy in summer months.

Deauville boasts two harbours and there is a large selection of shops and restaurants to indulge in. For those who like a gamble there are two race courses and the impressive Casino Barrière De Deauville. The casino has 325 slot machines!, roulette, poker, blackjack tables and more including restaurants and cafes within. You will need to take your passport to gain entry to the casino which is free of charge.
M The harbour town of Honfleur is about one hour and forty five minutes away. Honfleur is the site of the famous and impressive Le Pont de Normandie Cable-Stayed Bridge. Completed in 1995, the Le Pont de Normandie is a cable-stayed bridge that connects Honfleur and Le Havre. The main span is 2800 feet long and raises 165 feet above the water level. A day out to Deauville incorporating a trip to Honfleur has been popular with our guests.
N About 90 minutes away is the town of Lisieux. The two main attractions of Lisieux are the Basilique Ste Therese and the Cerza Parc Zoologique.

The impressive Basilique Ste Therese is one of the biggest churches to have been built in the 20th century. An incredible piece of modern architecture that looks like it could have been designed centuries ago. The inside of the church is stunningly decorated in mosaic and is the home of a shrine to Saint Therese. The grounds surrounding the church are also very impressive.

The Cerza Parc Zoologique at Lisieux is set in 50 hectares and is home to more than 500 wild animals. The zoo is devoted to breeding animals that are under threat of extinction. A 30 minute trip on the safari train is included in the entrance fee.

Other sites of interest include the Saint Germain de Livet castle, a 15th century building furnished in original period style which is open to the public. The Domaine of St Hyppolite, classed as Site Remarquable du Goût (A Site of High Taste) is a 16th Century manor and farm offering an insight to the making of Normandy cheeses and cider.
O Falaise is around 40 minutes away and is the home to the Château de Falaise a 12th century castle that was the birthplace of William the conqueror. This is an impressive castle that sits on a rocky spur that dominates the town. The castle is open to the public and has proved popular with our guests.
P Champrepus Zoo is about 40 minutes away. The zoo at Champrepus is a charming zoo that spans both sides of the D924 with a footbridge that joins the two sections. There is a restaurant or if you prefer to prepare-it-yourself then picnic tables are provided that sit over the ornamental pond.
Q Le Souterroscope Des Ardoisieres is less than 30 minutes away. This huge complex of underground slate mines was abandoned a century ago and is now a site of exceptional natural beauty housing Europe’s most famous private collection of giant crystals and precious stones. Journey through 400 metres of underground caves and hear the story of this old slate mine. The four huge underground rooms display shadow, light and rainbow water effects. Discover the underground " Wonders Lake" and the species that live in it.

The site is set upon 3.5 hectares and incorporates 2.5 hectares of leisure area, a restaurant, car park, souvenir shop and mini golf!
R Thury-Harcourt is less than 30 minutes away and is the home to the ruined Chateau of Thury-Harcourt, whose park runs for miles along the River Orne. A nice place to go for a quite walk or take in a book.
S The area of St-Croix-Sur-Orne is less then 45 minutes away. If you fancy a quite day out taking in some of the French landscape, a trip to the area of St-Croix-Sur-Orne to sit by the lake for a picnic or to take lunch at the pretty town of Putanges-Pont-Ecrepin may be in order.

In the area we discovered a lovely, restful place which is not very well known by tourists. It is a great place to stop and enjoy a picnic whilst sitting by the flowing, clear-water stream and maybe afterwards take a walk along the stream under a canopy of trees. On a hot summers day find some relief under the shade of the trees and if your still too hot, then why not take off your shoes, pull up a rock, and feel the cool water washing around your feet. Sit in quite contemplation, or take in a book whilst listening to the running waters at the place known as "The Song of the Stones".

If you want to spend a quite afternoon we recommend a picnic followed by a walk along the stream at "The Song of the Stones". Afterwards take the road to St-Croix-Sur-Orne to take in the lake and then on to Putanges-Pont-Ecrepin for a cup of coffee at a cafe by the river Orne. We will happily point our guests in the right direction.
T St Helier on the island of Jersey is about 3 hours away. There is a ferry service from Granville and the crossing takes about 70 minutes. St Helier has a lot to offer including an excellent shopping centre, but if you feel more adventurous then jump on a bus, grab a taxi, or hire a car and discover the British Island of Jersey. A popular destination is the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, with a zoo set in 31 acres with over 130 species of wildlife.
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